Registration form

All the contacts will be made through your email address, It is important that you consult your email.
– Send one form for each person
– The registration cannot be confirmed without the registration fees
Deadline for registration : 20th February 2017

Registration form can be loaded here : Registration Form
Or fill in the following form and click on the button “sumbmit”  below.

Photocopy of passport + CV and photo and parental authorization for minors under 16 must be sent by mail to

Parental authorisation model :
I               authorize my child                   to participate to the Musica Reservata International Masterclass during the 2-10 April 2017 session. I have been informed that my child will be under no supervision of the association. I certify that my child is well covered by my civil liability insurance policy. I allow the organizers to take all necessary measures in case of accident or sickness as well as hospitalization

Date and signature

Registration Deadline : 5th February 2017
Registration Fee : 200 € not refunded*
Payment can be made to :
IBAN : PT50 0033 0000 4546 4230 189 05
Bank : MILLENNIUM BCP, Praça Machado de Assis, 7 a 9, Celas-3000 – 253 Coimbra
*The registration cannot be confirmed without the deposit.
When making a wire transfer, please mention the number of the file
of the student that you will receive, by email, and send us the receipt.
In case of Musica Reservata asbl cancels this event, the student will be fully refunded

 The Balance Of The Payment : 15th March 2017
Payment : 775 € with hotel or 595 € without hotel
IBAN : BE65 0689 0028 3396 SWIFT : GKCCBEBB
Bank : BELFIUS Bank – 8 Place Stephanie – 1050 Brussels BELGIUM
Please send your application via e-mail : or by post :
Musica Reservata, asbl- Avenue Louise 114/22 – 1050 Brussels

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