Course information

Please note

  • Philosophy of the organisators : no material profits and a lot of immaterial benefits for everyone.
  • The beauty and atmosphere of the surrounding city of Coimbra works magic, as well as the atmosphere of the classes, the concerts and the auditions.
  • Lessons , concerts and auditions take place at Conservatorio de Musica de Coimbra
    Rua Pedro Nunes -3030-199 Coimbra .
  • 2 Teachers Chamber Music Concerts : 8 and 9 April at 8 PM
  • 2  Concerts with students : 8 and 9 April at 3 PM.
    Public and free admittance for concerts and auditions.

A unique opportunity
The classes are a unique opportunity

  •  to revise or enlarge the repertoire.
  • to prepare for a challenging near future : a contest, an audition or an entrance examination.
  • just to make a significant step further towards excellency.

Course fees include :
– Lessons with the chosen teacher
– Chamber music course : Groups will be formed on the spots
– Closing concerts
– Piano partner for instrumental classes
– Free access to concerts and for pianists free access to pianos

Total package with Accomodation Hotel / Breakfast and Lunch : 975 €
Without accomodation : 795 €

Registration Fee : 200 € (non refundable)

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