Coimbra, cultural and historic beauty

coimbraBetween Lisbon and  Porto , the old town is located in the center of the country, on the hill of Alcaçova watered by the Rio Mondego.

Coimbra is the oldest university city in portugal , one of the oldest in Europe with Sorbonne, Oxford or Salamanca.


For over a hundred  years Coimbra, medieval capital of the country , was the birthplace of the first six kings  of Portugal.

It is there that Musica Reservata, association of concerts and International Master Classes has chosen to set up,  in partnership with the Academia Internacional de Música Aquiles Delle Vigne .
Installed  since 23 years in Bruges (Belgium) for the Summer Master Classes, Musica Reservata found with Coimbra a city at the height  for its Spring Master Classes.
We invite you to share one  marvellous week with us listening to others and  playing yourself

Our guest teachers are all great international soloists.!!

Surrounded by the University’s influence, and with music as companion, the concerts during this week inspire you and make your stay …unforgettable.
Come and share this unique experience with us.

Coimbra is expecting you !


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